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Improving your sustainability


Reduce your waste

Count the number of bags of rubbish that your house produces in a week.

See how much you can reduce this by recycling glass bottles and papers.

How many rubbish bags could you save in a year?


Save electricity

Take readings from your electricity meter to see how much electricity you use in a week.Take care not to touch any fuses or trip switches.

Now save electricity by doing things like just boiling the amount of water you need in a kettle and by switching your television off standby overnight.

How much electricity would you save in a year?


Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Record how many miles you travel in a car in one week.

Then try to make as many journeys that you can by public transport or by walking (safely of course).

How many 'miles of exhaust emissions' could you save in a year? Use the carbon calculator to convert this to a weight of carbon dioxide.