Wind turbine


Are you sustainable?


Answer the questions to see how sustainable you are.

Question 1 / 10

Which statement best describes what you think about global warming?

It's not a problem that will affect me.
There is nothing I can do about it.
Governments should do something about it.
I will do my bit to help reduce it.

Question 2 / 10

How do you travel to school or work?

Car (just me as a passenger)
Car (two or more passengers)
Public transport (bus or train)
Walk or cycle

Question 3 / 10

When you go on holiday, how do you usually travel?

Train or coach
Usually take holidays at home

Question 4 / 10

I recycle my glass bottles and paper.

All the time

Question 5 / 10

I save electricity when possible by switching off lights that are not needed.

No, I just leave them on
I usually forget to turn them off
I turn them off most of the time
I do this all the time

Question 6 / 10

I help out by doing voluntary or community work.

Once or twice a month
Every week

Question 7 / 10

I would buy something I liked, even though I did not really need it.

Always, I've got loads of stuff I never use
Sometimes I buy things I don't need
I always try to just get the things I need
No, I generally just buy what I need

Question 8 / 10

When you go shopping, do you try to buy 'fair trade' products. These give more money to producers in developing countries but may be a little more expensive. Fair trade coffee is a good example.

Never heard of 'fair trade' products
No, I buy the cheapest.
I try to do this when possible.

Question 9 / 10

What would you do if you were on the beach and finished a can of drink.

Leave the can for someone else to clear up.
Put it in a waste bin if there was one nearby.
Keep hold of the can until I found a waste bin.
Take the can home to recycle it.

Question 10 / 10

Should developing countries be given money by charities and Governments?

No, they should sort out their own problems.
Only given money they can pay back.
Sending money helps developing countries.
Support and not just money should be given.