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Wind turbine


Affordable electricity


Generating electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and wave power, is seen as being very sustainable. However, a recent report from the UK shows that it is more expensive than electricity generated from fossil fuels.

The Government is spending an estimated £3million per day to try and reach its target of 10% of electricity from renewable sources by the year 2010.

Spending money on better household insulation has been shown to be more cost-effective in reducing total carbon dioxide emissions. It also benefits people who need it most.

Wind turbine

Electricity generated from renewable energies costs nearly 6% more than from traditional sources.

Energy in developing nations


China's energy needs rise.

China's electricity demands are rising dramatically but even by 2015, they will still use about 6 times less electricity per person than in the USA.

Developing nations will require more and more electricity to increase their standard of living.

A country like China has vast mineral reserves and many of their power stations are fueled by coal. This is cheap but produces a large amount of carbon dioxide. They are also building nuclear power station to increase generating capacity.

Affordable power is fueling their development. Renewable energies are too expensive and would not be able to meet their demand.