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Earth report


Sustainable development links people's needs, the environment and economic development. This is sometimes called 'People, planet and profits.'

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Sustainable progress but more to do

Some of the figures show how quickly the earth's resources are being used and also the inequalities between rich and poor nations. Others show how people's lives are improving. Sustainable development must continue to improve people's lives for the present and future generations.

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Earth population:
1900 - 1.9billion
2000 - 6billion


UK life expectancy improving:
1900 - 48 years
2000 - 78 years

Every second, 4 babies are
born and
2 people die.


1 billion die from water-borne diseases.

Less children dying
before 5 years
of age:
1950 - 160 per 1,000 born
2000 - 57 per 1,000 born

Water and sanitation needs to get better:
1.1 billion without safe drinking water.
2.4 billion sanitation.