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Chemical Industry Education Centre.


U.S. Census Bureau

Database of world demographic information.


Forum for the Future

A charity committed to sustainable development, and including 'The Natural Step Framework'.


International Coffee Organisation


Trade organisation for coffee: about coffee.

Coffee Science Information Centre

Information on the production, processing, history and effects of coffee.


Simple ecological footprint

Ecological footprint quiz

Calculate your ecological footprint using these calculators.

The simple calculator is easy to use but gives only a rough estimate. For a more accurate reflection, use the ecological footprint quiz but be prepared to do some research on things like the miles per litre that your car uses.


UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy


Links to a 2005 report: Securing the Future - UK Government sustainable development strategy

UK Government Sustainable Development Unit


Sustainable Development Unit.

Global Reporting Initiative


Sustainable development reporting guidelines and indicators.

Sustainability Statistics


United Nations database of sustainable development indicators.

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network (EDN) promotes worldwide environmental citizenship.


British Plastics Federation


Trade organisation for the plastics industry.

Vinyl 2010


European PVC industry's commitment to sustainability.


Solvay web site describing in detail the Vinyloop® PVC recycling process.


DEFRA waste statistics

UK Government's Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Statistics on municipal waste management in England.


World Energy Council

Organisation for the promotion of sustainable energy. Site contains comprehensive technical reports on global energy production in the information section.


Environment Agency

Information from the Environment Agency of England and Wales.
Follow links to 'Your Environment.'


Ineos ChlorVinyls


European Vinyls Corporation sustainable development.

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