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Do you know sustainable development?


Answer all 10 questions, then get your score.

Question 1

Sustainable development has three parts. Which option describes them?

Waste, air quality and biodiversity.
Social equality, human rights and health.
Wealth, economic growth and poverty.
Social, environment and economy.

Question 2

What does the Kyoto agreement look at?

Nuclear waste.
Climate change.
Rising sea levels.
Access to healthcare.

Question 3

Agenda 21 was a major agreement signed at which earth Summit?


Question 4

Which gas causes global warming?

Carbon dioxide.
Nitrogen dioxide.
Sulfur dioxide.

Question 5

Where does most of your household waste go to?

Incineration with energy recovery.

Question 6

What is the best option for dealing with waste?

Recycle it.
Reduce the amount produced.
Incinerate it and generate electricity.
Re-use the waste.

Question 7

Which option best describes social sustainability?

Meeting people's needs.
Providing clean drinking water.
Making sure people have jobs.
Giving people good healthcare.

Question 8

About 55 million people live in the UK. How many people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water?

Less than 1 million.
Between 3 and 4 million.
Around 27 million.
Over 1,000 million.

Question 9

Electric cars are environmentally-friendly. Why were they not sustainable?

They were not economically sustainable.
They did not meet people's needs.
They did not perform as well as petrol cars.
All of the above options.

Question 10

Which option does economic sustainability meet?

Helps to make products cheaper.
Company profits go to shareholders.
Creates wealth to improve living standards.
Recycles materials to save on costs.