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PVC is made using rock salt and oil or gas. These are the raw materials or 'feedstocks'.

Recycling is increasingly allowing waste PVC to provide the hydrocarbons and chlorine needed.

Manufacturing is also becoming more efficient. Less energy is used to produce more PVC.

The stages in PVC manufacture

PVC manufacture



Energy used in PVC production

Using CHP reduces the amount of energy needed to produce PVC polymer.


PVC manufacturers can save money as well as reduce emissions by installing energy-efficient systems such as combined heat and power stations (CHP). They burn natural gas and heat water to high pressure steam. This is used to generate electricity and also provide heat for different stages in the production of PVC.


Integrated production

PVC manufacturing sites are being designed so that all stages of production are carried out at one location. This reduces the need to transport intermediates, such as VCM, ethene and chlorine. Reduced transport means less emissions from vehicles, less road congestion and less noise for local residents.


Chemical plant

Modern chemical plants use energy and resources efficiently.