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Commitment to sustainability


'Vinyl 2010' is an organisation that brings together the European PVC industry to make the production, use and disposal of PVC more sustainable. Signed in 2000, the 'Voluntary Commitment' is a programme that lasts to 2010 and beyond. It sets out measurable targets on sustainability that the PVC industry in Europe is working towards.

PVC life cycle


Voluntary Commitment of the PVC Industry

The PVC industry investing large amounts of money into making the whole lifecycle of PVC more sustainable. There are four target areas:


PVC Manufacture

  • Production sites will comply with the highest environmental standards ('Best Available Technique').

  • Improved eco-efficiency of manufacture by minimising the use of raw materials and energy use.



  • Research into the use and lifecycle of plasticisers will continue.

  • Risk assessments of phthalates (plasticisers) will allow risk reduction strategies to be implemented if necessary.

  • The use of cadmium as a stabiliser has been stopped.

  • The use of lead stabilisers is to be phased out by 2015.


Waste management

  • Facilities for the recycling and re-use of PVC products will be increased.

  • By 2005, half of the available PVC in pipes, roofing membranes and window frames should be recycled.

  • 50% of available PVC from flooring will be recycled by 2008.

  • Techniques will be developed to recover and recycle PVC from mixed wastes, such as electrical wiring and car interiors.

  • PVC in household waste can be a good source of energy when incinerated. The PVC industry will support research to minimise the residues produced from PVC during incineration.


Social progress and dialogue

  • Supporting the development of European health, safety and environmental standards.

  • Committed to employee development and education.

  • Spread best practice in the industry to new countries joining the European Union.


Click here for a link to the Vinyl 2010 web site.