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Sustainable PVC: the Natural Step Framework



The Natural Step


The Natural Step Framework looks at four systems when judging sustainability.

An independent study by the Natural Step organisation looked at the UK PVC industry. It highlighted the conditions needed to make the production, use and disposal of PVC sustainable.

Challenges for sustainability

The Natural Step analysis set challenges to the PVC industry.

No. 1

The PVC industry should commit to becoming carbon-neutral in the long term.

No. 2

The PVC industry should achieve a closed-loop system of product manufacture, use and recycling.

No. 3

In the long-term, releases of persistent organic compounds should not result in any increase in their concentration in nature.

No. 4

The use of additives that accumulate in nature should be phased out over the long-term.

No. 5

The PVC industry should raise awareness of sustainable development and include all who manufacture or use PVC to become involved in achieving sustainable PVC.