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Wind turbine


When will the oil run out?


The graph shows how long it will take for oil to run out over the next century.

The reserves change because the prediction takes into account economic growth which will increase the rate at which oil is used.

It includes current oil reserves and also new reserves that will become economically sustainable to exploit in the future.



Predicted oil reserves over the next 100 years.

Based on data from Bath University.



Electric-Petrol hybrid car

New technologies, like this efficient electric-petrol car will be developed to reduce the need for oil.

Finding alternatives

This prediction looks at rising oil consumption due to economic growth. However, as oil prices rise, sustainable companies will look for better alternatives and develop new technologies.

Wind, solar and nuclear energy are already being used to reduce the need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Hydrogen fuel cells and electric-petrol cars are tackling the problem of vehicle emissions and also helping to reduce the need for oil.

Natural resources should be used as efficiently as possible. Economic sustainability often drives the development of new technologies and solutions to problems.