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Economic sustainability


Would you buy something that was more expensive because it was more sustainable?


Compact disc


Compact disks are made out of the plastic, polycarbonate.

If you could get the same album on two cd's. One made using methods that are more environmentally-friendly than the other. How much extra would you be willing to pay for the more environmentally-friendly compact disk?


£1 Tick box

£2 Tick box

£3 Tick box

Wouldn't pay extra Tick box

Profit and sustainability

To remain in business, companies need to make a profit. To do this, they must make products at a price and quality that people want to buy.

Without this, companies cannot succeed and they cannot employ people. This is not sustainable.

Successful businesses become more efficient and more competitive. Foe example, industries that use lots of energy often use efficient combined heat and power stations to generate their electricity.