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Measuring footprints

What do ecological footprints consider?


Ecological footprint


An ecological footprint measures how much of the Earth's resources a person uses each year. It shows this as the total area of biologically productive land and sea that is needed to support their lifestyle.

The bigger a person's ecological footprint, the less sustainable is their lifestyle.





Earth's ecological footprint

Our ecological footprint now exceeds the earth's ability to support it. Some say we are heading for disaster but others point to new technologies that will sustain our lifestyles.



Living on borrowed time?

The graph shows that the total ecological footprint for the Earth's population exceeds the ability for the planet to renew its resources quickly enough.

This means that we are eating into irreplaceable resources.

However, technological advances and human ingenuity may be able to overcome these problems in the future. For example, modern farming techniques can increase the productivity of land to produce more food.