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Aiming for a sustainable future


Using the Natural Step Framework, processes can be assessed to see how they can be made sustainable. This allows changes to be made to move towards a sustainable future.


The Natural Step Framework looks at four systems:

  • mineral resources

  • people's needs

  • biological productivity

  • build-up of synthetic materials.

For a particular process, measuring each system can see if it is sustainable or not.

For a sustainable process, each system must move towards a set of sustainable conditions.



Play the animation to see how the Natural Step Framework helps to move processes towards sustainability.


Glass bottles and the Natural Step Framework

Look at how a glass bottle is produced, used and then thrown away. Think about the four Natural Step systems.


Is the bottle sustainable?


How could the processes be changed to move towards sustainability?


Think about reducing the extraction of mineral resources and also the use of sustainable energies. Look back to the loop of bottle production.




Life of a glass bottle


Roll over the pictures to see comments on each of the stages.