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Wood and PVC window frames

Sustainability rating: Aluminium or PVC pipes?


The life cycle comparison is quite complicated.

Judge the materials to see which is the most sustainable. Remember that the data assumed both types of pipes are disposed in landfill. Recycling could influence your decision.


Plastic pipes


Think about these:


  • Which material has the smallest environmental impact?

  • How do you compare things like global global warming with the amount of waste produced?


  • How does production help to keep people in jobs?

  • Aluminium ore mining is a major contributor to the economies of some developing countries.


  • How do the materials meet people's needs?

  • PVC pipes are less expensive and so more affordable. They also need less maintenance.



Rate aluminium and PVC using the table below.


Enter a score for each of the categories.
0 is poor and 10 is excellent.

  Sustainability rating
0 (poor) to 10 (excellent)
  Aluminium PVC

A higher total score means that you have rated the material as more sustainable.
Maximum score is 30.