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Wood and PVC window frames

Life cycle analysis: aluminium and PVC pipes


This life cycle analysis was carried out for the UK Government. It is standardised so that the figures relate to a 1m length of pipe. It gives each pipe a life span of 25 years but does not take into account any benefits from recycling the materials.

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0.86 kg/m

0.62 kg/m

Total energy
79.6 MJ 22.75 MJ

Coal and oil

0.3 kg

0.1 kg

Greenhouse effect
(kg equivalent CO2)

3.5 kg CO2

1.0 kg CO2

Air acidification
(g equiv H +)



Depletion of non-renewable resources

183 g

138 g


1.24 kg

0.79 kg

Cost to consumer



Continue to decide which option is the most sustainable.


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