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Aluminium and PVC rainwater pipes

Water pipes and window frames


PVC is a versatile material. Its uses include blood transfusion bags, floor coverings, artificial skin, water pipes and window frames.

Alternative materials exist for all these applications and so it is useful to look at which is the most sustainable for each purpose.

Compare the sustainability of:

  • Wood compared to PVC window frames

  • Aluminium compared to PVC rainwater pipes


What to consider

Remember to think about the three parts of sustainability.

  • Environmental impact. How does the production, use and disposal effect the earth's natural resources.

  • Economic sustainability. Is it affordable and how does its production support people?

  • Social needs. How does the product fulfill people's requirements?

Follow the links on the left and look through the information before deciding which option is the most sustainable.






PVC products

PVC is used in a wide range of applications.