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Sustainability rating: Cotton or PVC


Looking at the information shows that there is not a clear cut answer between the natural and the synthetic fibres.

The mass production of cotton fibres is not completely sustainable and replacing synthetic fabrics with natural ones would us a lot of natural resources. Synthetic fibres have some benefits over the natural ones.

Rate polyester and cotton using the table below.


Denim jacket

Choosing clothing is not just about how sustainable the material is. Personal taste, style and feel are all important.

Think about these things:


  • Which material has the smallest environmental impact?

  • Polyester uses oil and gas reserves but cotton growing uses land, pesticides and fertilisers.


  • Polyester is cheaper than cotton.


  • How does each material perform?
    Durability, lightness and feel are all important.




Enter a score for each of the categories.
0 is poor and 10 is excellent.

  Sustainability rating
0 (poor) to 10 (excellent)
  Polyester Cotton
  A higher total score means that you have rated the material as more sustainable.
Maximum score is 30.