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Municipal waste disposal


Each person in the England produces an average of 520kg of waste per year.

In total, this is over 400 million tonnes of waste.

Most of this waste goes into landfill sites.



The 400 million tonnes of waste produced in the UK each year comes from a variety of sources.

Municipal waste - what's in your wheelie bin?

Wheelie bin

About 30 million tonnes of municipal waste are produced each year from houses, schools, offices and streets.

That is 23kg per house per week. By the year 2020, the total amount is estimated to rise to 53 million tonnes.

Currently, this waste is disposed of in three ways:

  • Landfill sites (72%)

  • Recycled or composted (19%)

  • Incinerated or burned (9%)

Which option do you think is the most sustainable?

Click here to look at the options available for municipal waste disposal.